Are you on foursquare?

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If you’re a B-to-C marketer and are getting hip to conducting multichannel campaigns, you’ve probably been combining social media engagement with your print collateral, direct mail and email communications, and you’ve gotten pretty savvy with using Facebook and Twitter.

But what about foursquare?

If your next question is, “What the heck is foursquare?”, please read on.

foursquare check in screenfoursquare  is a location-based app for mobile phones (iPhone, Android, etc.) which allows people to “check in” wherever they are – restaurants, hotels, retail stores, attractions and more – and let all of their friends know about it. foursquare has made a game of checking in, allowing users to score “badges” for their activity and become “mayor” if they check in at any given place more than anyone else. foursquare also allows people to write “tips” about the places they visit, which are essentially user reviews.

What started a few years ago as a curiosity is now a bona fide social media phenomenon. There have been over one billion check-ins on foursquare.

What’s more, foursquare had made it easy for businesses to promote themselves to consumers by setting up foursquare business pages and offering discounts and promotions whenever users check in at a business’ establishment. For example, Starbuck’s could offer you a free refill on a latte just for checking in to foursquare while you’re there. How much more incentive than that would you need to stop by Starbuck’s for your next latte?

As you step up your multichannel campaigns and consider tools like Marketing Asset Management to automate them while targeting local markets and customers, you might really benefit from incorporating foursquare into your mix. Create your own foursquare presence, and build foursquare promotions right into your direct mail and email campaigns to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Best of all, it’s FREE. That’s right. foursquare doesn’t charge a dime to use its business promotion tools.

Want to learn more? We just read an excellent blog post on about using foursquare for business entitled, “Checking In to the Power of Foursquare: How Amex, Chili’s and RadioShack Are Going Mobile.” You can access it right here » .


See you on foursquare!

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