Why you need B2B video for
content marketing & lead nurturing

Video for B2B content marketing really worksIn this installment of the ZUZA Marketer’s Blog, we’re going to talk about the effectiveness of video for B2B content marketing and lead nurturing, and how it’s much easier than you might think to start creating your own videos for marketing, even without the help of professional videographers.

By the way, notice that we didn’t say “online video.” Why? Because these days, that would be really redundant (as was that last phrase). The vast majority of video consumption is online today.

This means that getting your video in front of viewers is easier than ever before today – and more likely to get you results.

46,000 years

That’s how much video content, stitched end-to-end, is watched on YouTube every day, according to a recent VentureBeat report. And Americans are consuming 8,061 years worth daily. 84% of Americans pick YouTube over Facebook to watch their videos. The other 16% of Americans prefer watching videos on Facebook, adding to the total years per day of video watched. That’s an awful lot of video watching.

73% of B2B marketers claim positive ROI on video

That’s according to a survey of 350 B2B marketing, agency and management professionals conducted by the Web Video Marketing Council, reelseo and Flimp Media.

highlights from this B2B video marketing survey:

(Source: 73% of B2B Marketers Say Video Positively Impacts ROI http://www.reelseo.com/b2b-marketers-video-roi/#ixzz3ui4bgFOV ©ReelSEO.com, All Rights Reserved. You can download the full survey report from this page.)

  • 96% of B2B respondents are engaged in video content marketing
  • 73% confirm that video has positively impacted marketing results
  • 41% of those surveyed plan to increase spending on video marketing
  • 83% are using video content for website marketing
  • 50% are using video content for email marketing
  • 75% are optimizing video content for SEO
  • 63% said that video has been part of their content marketing strategy for the past five years
  • 32% said they began using video only in the past two years
  • 44% claimed the difficulty of measuring ROI is a barrier to creating and marketing video
  • 37% claimed a lack of in-house video marketing expertise as a barrier
  • 17% claimed a lack of creative ideas for video as a barrier

How respondents are benefiting from video:

  • 80% – increase brand awareness and engagement
  • 65% – promote products and services
  • 61% – increase traffic and SEO
  • 57% – generate new sales leads
  • 55% – as sales collateral
  • 50% – landing page conversion tool


Video works. So what are you waiting for?

As referenced above, a lack of in-house video expertise and lack of ideas are two challenges facing marketers wanting to get into video content marketing. But, we’re here to tell you that creating good video content is much easier than you may think. Not every video has to have the polish of a Scorsese movie and the production of a professional video crew. In fact, you can create compelling content in the comfort of your own office with just an iPhone.

Marketing video content ideas:

What might be interesting to your customers and prospects? How about:

  • Educational “how-to” videos
  • Live-action product use-case videos
  • Making-of videos (how do you make your awesome products?)
  • Customer testimonials and case studies
  • Product updates
  • Factory tours
  • Funny employee skits


Do It Yourself Video Production Gear & Resources

Everything you need to create your own marketing videos


Modern smartphone: the latest gear from Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. have insanely good cameras and decent microphones too. You’ll get great looking video, and, if you make sure to shoot in a quiet environment and get close to the camera, you’ll have good, clean audio too.


Here are a couple of great ways put your smartphone on a tripod:

  1. iPhone specific: KENU “Stance” compact tripod
  2. All smartphones: GLIF tripod mount

Screen recording

For those times when you want to do a software or website demo in your videos:

  1. Mac: the included Quicktime app does screen capture for free. For more advanced capability, try Voila
  2. PC: a decent tool from Screencast-O-Matic costs just $15/year for their full-featured version, or try the industry standard, Camtasia

Video Editing Software

The cost, and learning curve, of video tools has come down a lot. Here are some tools you can use to start editing your video clips in a very short time:

Best of all, there are tons of free software tutorials available online, all easily searchable.

Stock video, music and photography

You can easily spiff up your videos with stunning, royalty-free stock video and photos at very reasonable prices, as well as add music to bring a beat to your story.

Video Hosting

These sites provide a place to host (store) all of your videos online, and allow you to “embed” your videos in your own websites. Some cost money, but these provide lots of great extras, including much more customization and custom metrics to help you gauge the effectiveness of your videos.

Video making resources

Learn the basics of shooting and editing video. These websites and books provide great basic tutorials on how to shoot and edit video:



The best way to get started with doing something is to, well, start doing it. So, grab your smartphone and start shooting video. Edit it down, add some music and maybe your voice over, and get it online. Experiment. Track viewer engagement. Adjust. And, consider augmenting your home-grown efforts with occasional help from professional videographers for those higher-end corporate videos. Whatever you do, start creating video content. Video is essential to your content marketing today.

Here’s to the Marketing Champion in all of us. See you in the next post.

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