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ZUZA Solves Your Healthcare Organization’s

Marketing Challenges 

You need a simple way to manage marketing collateral, protect your brand and ensure regulatory compliance. Healthcare marketing often requires fielding daily requests from your team for marketing materials. In addition, many representatives want collateral customized for their local sales needs.


  • Streamline fulfillment
  • No more obsolete materials
  • Maintain brand consistency and regulatory compliance.
  • Custom collateral on demand

How it works

ZUZA simplifies the work of fulfilling marketing collateral directly to your team with an online, sales collateral management portal that is very easy to use.  Your team can log into the portal to customize and order materials with speedy turnaround straight from ZUZA. Customizing and ordering take only minutes, with the simplicity of an online store.

How ZUZA MAM works – from your desktop to delivery at your door