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From the study’s introduction page:

“Today’s customers can shop around the globe, find out more than ever before about the organizations they’re dealing with, and share their views with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fellow customers. Their expectations—be they consumers, citizens or business customers—are soaring. And they can make or break brands overnight.

So how are chief marketing officers (CMOs) faring amid such turbulence? We conducted face-to-face interviews with 1,734 CMOs, spanning 19 industries and 64 countries, to find out what they are doing to help their enterprises cope with the fundamental shifts transforming business and the world.

Our CMO Study is the latest in IBM’s series of C-suite Studies, encompassing interviews with more than 15,000 top executives over the past seven years. The study casts light on the challenges public and private sector CMOs confront—and the opportunities they envision—in increasingly complex times. It also illustrates how closely CMOs’ perception of the marketplace mirrors previous assessments by chief executive officers (CEOs)”

This study reveals the new challenges faced by marketing organizations that companies like ZUZA are addressing with automation and integration technology.

You can register to get your free copy of the study here.


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