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The CMO council has just released its study, “Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness.” The executive summary is free and outlines the trends driving marketers to increase localization of their marketing campaigns, including events, direct mail, localized websites, social networks and electronic messaging. A few tidbits the study revealed:

  • 49% of marketers believe localized marketing is essential to business growth
  • Factors that most influence localization include demographic, geography, socioeconomic, psychographic, cultural, buying history and language
  • Top benefits and competitive advantages from localized marketing include greater customer relevance, response and return, better customer conversations and connectivity, improved loyalty and advocacy, brand differentiation, distinction and preference.

Survey respondents believe localized marketing platforms and systems can be most beneficial in areas like:

  • Handling the logistics and intricacies of localized marketing
  • Creating relevant and meaningful versions of content
  • Controlling brand assets and uniformity of brand messaging
  • Measuring and evaluating campaign effectiveness and content usage.

The report concludes that, “Early adopters of hosted platforms and cloud-based services in this area will gain competitive advantage in their ability to execute campaigns more effectively, provision their channel and field organizations more efficiently, better control their brand assets, and track the performance of their marketing content investments.”

Download the free executive summary here.

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