Marketing Asset Management

Can M.A.M. boost your ROI?

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Can a Marketing Asset Management solution boost your bottom line? You bet your bottom dollar it can, if one or more of the following apply to your organization:

  • You have a distributed sales and marketing organization. Meaning, you have external staff, representatives, dealer/distributors, local store marketing (retail outlets, franchisees), etc. involved in delivering marketing communications (collateral, direct mail, email blasts, etc.) in different geographic locations (can be multiple offices across a city or county, across the globe, or anywhere in between).
  • You serve multiple markets with custom messaging needs. Your campaigns could be more effective if messaging could be tailored for each distinct market and even individual customers.
  • You frequently receive requests for customization. Representatives in local markets are asking you to tailor existing pieces with localized messaging, tying up your team with repetitive, time-consuming tasks to fulfill requests.
  • Print inventory often becomes obsolete. You are finding that collateral and direct mail pieces must be updated more frequently than existing inventory can be exhausted.

If any of these sounds familiar, the next step is to assess your marketing asset supply chain (i.e. marketing workflow) – the steps involved in creating, producing, delivering, warehousing and tracking assets. This will help you identify areas where the automation provided by Marketing Asset Management could:

  • Shorten your time to market
  • Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with customizing assets
  • Reduce obsolete inventory by only producing assets when you need them
  • Increase marketing effectiveness with custom-tailored messaging that can be created and produced very quickly
  • Increase your overall marketing ROI.

If you would like to learn more about assessing your current marketing workflow, we would be happy to talk with you. Please email us at or call us at 800.350.9411.

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