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Marketing Asset Management

ZUZA simplifies the work of fulfilling marketing collateral directly to your team with an online collateral management portal that is very easy to use. Your team can log into the portal, customize, order their materials and ship to any address from ZUZA’s production facility. Customizing and ordering takes only minutes, with the simplicity of an online store.

The Challenge

You need a simple way to manage marketing collateral, protect your brand and ensure regulatory compliance.

Marketing through a distributed sales organization typically means fielding several requests for personalized collateral. This task can quickly turn into a full-time job for your marketing team.

The Solution

ZUZA solves this challenge with an easy-to-use online platform called MAM™ (Marketing Asset Management). The platform completely automates the customization, production and delivery of collateral to your organization, giving your team what they need, while keeping all collateral consistent with your corporate brand standards.

The Benefits

Saves Time
ZUZA eliminates the daily burden of customizing and fulfilling marketing collateral for your team, freeing you to focus on essential activities.

Scales to Any Size Organization
No matter how large your organization, ZUZA automatically handles all orders with the same high speed and efficiency.

Maintains Brand Consistency and Regulatory Compliance
ZUZA’s templates keeps all of your marketing materials compliant with your brand standards and industry regulations.

Eliminates Obsolete Materials
On-demand customizing and production let your team order smaller quantities eliminating excess collateral inventory.

ROI Tracking
As your team consume materials, ZUZA keeps a detailed order history giving you greater visibility.

Outrace Your Competitors
ZUZA’s online portal gives your team instant access to the marketing content they need.

How MAM Works

ZUZA’s sales collateral management system keeps your materials brand- and regulation-compliant  by converting your marketing materials to templates that lock your company’s core branding and text elements. You decide what text and graphics are off limits, which can be customized, and what permissions your users have to make changes. ZUZA makes it easy to manage it all with its intuitive administration panel.

Lead Nurturing

Reach buyers on the marketing channel of their choice and at the times they prefer.

ZUZA’s Lead Nurturing service delivers relevant, compelling offers in a coordinated campaign. Lead nurturing campaigns include automated follow-up communications, delivering those communications through the correct channels that reaching your audience at the right time.

Your automated marketing can work synergistically – direct mail, email, web pages, landing pages, social media and phone – with exciting messaging, creative execution and impactful calls-to-action. Buyers will receive a unified message that gives them the offers they’re looking for, at the times they want them – advancing them through your marketing funnel – while building trust in your brand.

We will put all the pieces together.

  • Direct mail pieces
  • Email blasts
  • SMS messages
  • Automated voice calls
  • Social media posts
  • Website landing pages with data collection forms and calls to action

Monitor Your Campaign

The ZUZA multichannel marketing system provides you with a campaign dashboard that gives you a clear status of your campaigns:

  • Up-to-the-minute tracking and reporting
  • Rich data to help you refine your tactics
  • A profile of your leads, complete with scoring and grading


Your marketing supply chain,


ZUZA integrates your marketing supply chain in one place – simultaneously reducing production time and improving quality control.


With ZUZA, you’ll get beautiful printing with the highest quality from our experienced print professionals.


ZUZA’s complete range of in-house
mailing services give you the shortest path from the printing press to the post office.


Use ZUZA to cost-effectively store, manage and fulfill your marketing materials.