Midsummer Reading List

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Good reads for marketers.

We’re almost midway through the summer of 2012 now. Many of us are getting ready to take a much needed vacation to recharge for the next marketing push in the fall. That makes this the perfect time to catch up on some great business and marketing books. So as you take up residence in your favorite beach chair, beverage of choice in hand, we’d like to recommend these books which we have found particularly helpful, inspiring and entertaining in 2012.

The B2B Social Media Book
Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging,
LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook, Email, and More

By Kipp Godnar and Jeffrey L. Cohen

Many of uThe B2B Social Media Books might think that social media marketing is purely for B2C markets. Godnar and Cohen say not so, and have devoted an entire book to how those of us who are marketing to businesses can leverage social media to our advantage. The book is written in an engaging, conversational style and benefits from the expertise of authors who come from companies specializing in content marketing and social media engagement – HubSpot and Radian6.

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The Marketing Plan Handbook
By Alexander Chernev, PhD

The Marketing Plan HandbookWe all know how to write a solid marketing plan, right? Of course, but maybe it’s been a while since we had to do it formally, and even longer since we first learned to do it in our university courses. That’s why it’s great to have this handbook, written by an associate professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. This slim but comprehensive soft-bound guide lays it all out for you, from concept to content to implementation, including sample plans.

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Marketing Champions
By Roy A. Young, Allen M. Weiss, PhD and David W. Stewart, PhD

Marketing ChampionsIt seems commonly accepted these days that when economic times get tough, marketing is the first thing to get cut. Why is that? Because in most companies, the marketing department has done an insufficient job of quantifying the ROI on marketing initiatives. As marketers, we need to prove to our top management that our efforts are driving significant revenue for our companies. Do that, and we’ll become champions in our organizations. This book explains how to accomplish this.

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Disciplined Dreaming
By Josh Linkner, Founder & Chairman, ePrize

Disciplined DreamingQuite frankly, the problem with, well, most companies is that creativity is dead. Companies take the same tired approach to branding, marketing and advertising. We all admire the maverick, standout brands, yet most of us are too afraid or too undisciplined to unleash our own creativity and do some truly breakout marketing for our companies. This book will reignite your creative fire in grand fashion. We highly recommend reading this one.

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Maximizing Lead Generation
The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers

By Ruth P. Stevens

Maximizing Lead GenerationThis is the soup-to-nuts guide to running an effective lead generation program for B2B marketing. The book takes you step-by-step through campaign planning, development and execution; media selection, response mechanisms, lead nurturing, metrics and tracking, and much more. It’s the how-to guide that will benefit your entire marketing team as you build and maintain a comprehensive B2B lead generation program for your company.

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By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, 
founders of Basecamp project management software

REWORKWhether the company you work for is a startup or you dream of being an entrepreneur yourself in the not-distant future, this book will make you rethink your notions about building a successful company. Written by two successful guys who started a small web design firm which turned into one of the most popular online project management platforms (Basecamp), REWORK takes a no-nonsense, contrarian view to growing a business. It’s a refreshing shot in the arm, and an inspiring read you’re sure to enjoy.

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Never Confuse a Memo with Reality
And Other Business Lessons Too Simple Not to Know
By Richard A. Moran

Never Confuse a Memo with RealityRemember “Life’s Little Instruction Book?” Well, this is the same thing, but for business. This pithy little guide, published in 1993, is just as timely 19 years later. Written by a seasoned business consultant and venture capitalist, this little volume contains big wisdom in its 355 aphorisms. You can read it in half an hour, but you may just want to savor this little gem, tip by tip.

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We hope you enjoy this selection of books while you’re taking some much-deserved downtime this summer. Please let us know! And, if you’ve got some gems of your own, please share those too. We love discovering great business reads.

Here’s to the Marketing Champion in all of us. See you in the next post.




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