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Printing, Fulfillment, Logistics For the Real Estate Industry

Here are the ways ZUZA can support your marketing:


ZUZA brings you speedy, first-rate commercial printing to help you market your real estate services. We’ll keep you supplied with all the real estate marketing materials you need on a regular basis, including:

  • stationery & business cards
  • property brochures
  • sales flyers
  • listing packets
  • newsletters
  • direct mail

Take advantage of ZUZA’s in-house, full-service mailing for your direct mail campaigns. With ZUZA you’ll gain the efficiency and convenience of getting your marketing materials produced and mailed with a single vendor/partner.

Automated Marketing

ZUZA will automate and put your marketing plan into action. It’s easy to run concurrent drip marketing campaigns. Target your customers and prospects in the ways they like to be reached, with direct mail, email, SMS, phone calls and landing pages.

Custom marketing materials, on-demand

For real estate marketing materials you reorder frequently or that you want to customize to different target markets, ZUZA has you covered with Marketing Asset Management, a.k.a. ZUZA MAM™, our on-demand, custom printing service. ZUZA MAM lets your brokers log into an online portal to access templates for marketing material. The templates let your brokers customize materials for their locations and customers while ensuring that all materials are 100% compliant with your corporate brand standards. Users can then place orders with the ease of an online store. ZUZA will quickly produce and fulfill their orders to their locations with our speedy, high-end, on-demand digital printing service, and support your direct mail advertising with printing and mailing personalized to your mailing list.

How ZUZA MAM works – from your desktop to delivery at your door