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As a marketer, you get constant requests to provide marketing and sales promotional materials, a.k.a. assets, to your representatives in the field. (“Representatives” is a catch-all for sales reps, distributors, dealers, franchisees, retail outlet managers – your distributed sales and marketing organization.)

If you sell to multiple markets, you may also be asked to provide localized versions of assets, so representatives can communicate with their local constituents using relevant messaging.

You could let your representatives modify the assets themselves, or create their own, and hope they don’t violate your brand standards. Or, you can take on the task of modifying and producing materials for the representatives yourself (or within your marketing team). This involves a lot of manual, time-consuming labor on the part of your team.

Does this sound like your current situation?

The more representatives and the more markets you have, the harder your job.

The model looks like this:

Diagram: Limited Scalability Model

There are only two ways to scale to meet increasing demands:

  1. Hire more marketing staff (not typically a viable option these days).
  2. Use technology to automate the localization and fulfillment of marketing assets.

A very early example of using technology to accomplish bigger jobs was the simple machine. Before the invention of the lever for instance, if you wanted to lift something really heavy, you got more people to help. The lever allowed you to lift that same heavy object with fewer people. Likewise, the wheel allowed you to transport that heavy object with fewer people. And so on.

Today’s equivalent of the simple machine is cloud-based software that automates repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks so you don’t have to do them anymore. In the case of localizing and delivering marketing assets to your representatives, a robust Marketing Asset Management (MAM) platform can do all the heavy lifting for you.

With MAM, your representatives can tailor marketing materials you’ve made available in an online portal. The materials are already designed and ready for customization directly by the representatives, without any additional work on your part. At the same time, your brand is completely protected with templates which lock essential brand elements so they can’t be compromised. This ensures brand consistency while allowing your representatives to customize and order their own marketing assets whenever they like.

There’s no limit to the number of asset customization orders a MAM system can handle. No matter how many representatives you have, they can all log in to the system, even simultaneously, tailor and order materials themselves, and have them produced and delivered by the MAM system, without you having to go through the normal laborious process: field a request, change the artwork, get it approved, send it to production and deliver it to the representative. MAM automates this entire process, completely freeing your team (and getting it done a lot faster than the old way – just think how much more agile your marketing effort can be with MAM).

The MAM model looks like this:

Diagram: Infinite Scalability Model

Think of it as having the world’s largest lever, allowing you to lift an entire global marketing organization with one finger. One system, unlimited scalability.

If you’d like to learn more about how MAM can bring effortless scalability to your marketing efforts, we’d be happy to help you assess your current marketing workflow. Together we’ll identify how a robust MAM platform like ZUZA can help you deliver a much higher volume of targeted marketing campaigns with minimal effort, at much higher speed and at substantially lower overall cost.

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