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Tools to Win the Marketing Olympics

Just like Olympic athletes, we all want to be champions – in our case, Marketing Champions. We strive every day to achieve peak performance – delivering more qualified leads to our sales teams, growing positive brand awareness, and conducting marketing campaigns with the highest possible return on investment.

Torch for Marketing ChampionsAnd just like qualifying for the Olympics, it’s never easy.

So as the Games get underway in London, we’d like to take a moment to salute the Marketing Champion in all of us with a handy digest of the marketing tools and tips we’ve published over the past nine months in the Marketer’s Blog. We’ve built this library with the goal of helping you excel.


Marketing Topics & Posts


Marketing Asset Management

  • M.A.M. vs. D.A.M. Explained – What is the difference between Marketing Asset Management and Digital Asset Management? GO»
  • Can M.A.M. boost your ROI? – How to tell if Marketing Asset Management is the right solution for your marketing program. GO»
  • More Marketing ROI (using M.A.M.) #1 – Learn more about the benefits of M.A.M. and which types of companies can benefit the most from Marketing Asset Management. GO»
  • More Marketing ROI (using M.A.M.) #2 – Here we apply the M.A.M. ROI calculator to real life examples to demonstrate the potential for significant cost and time savings with M.A.M. GO»
  • Scale Effortlessly (with M.A.M.) – Marketing Asset Management frees marketing departments from the burden of fulfilling requests for customized marketing materials by allowing users in the field to do it themselves. M.A.M. allows any size marketing department to easily satisfy growing user requirements with no added effort. GO»
  • Automatic Brand Control – Are your users in the field creating their own versions of marketing materials and violating your corporate brand standards in the process? You can control this automatically using M.A.M. GO»

Content Marketing

  • Why Content Marketing – Creating useful content for your target market is an important way to establish thought leadership, build trust, gain loyalty, boost your website traffic and pave the way for future sales. GO»
  • Why Blog – Blogging is an excellent way to build content as part of your Content Marketing program. And it’s easier than you think. GO »
  • Marketing with Webinars – How to run a successful webinar program to establish thought leadership and gain prospects. GO »

Lead Nurturing

  • Lead Nurturing – How to build a trusted relationship with buyers before they receive their first contact from a salesperson. GO»
  • Marketing Automation – How to make it super easy to manage complex, multichannel marketing campaigns and automatically nurture leads. GO»
  • Automation Magic – Learn more about all the wonderful ways you can supercharge your marketing campaigns and simplify your life with a Marketing Automation platform. GO»
  • Buyer Personas – How to classify your potential buyers into distinct profile types (personas) so you can tailor effective lead nurturing programs to each type. GO»

The Power of Online Video

Video is far more effective at quickly delivering information than any other medium, is an excellent way to support your brand, helps build website traffic, and is hands down the best way to compel action. This three-part series explains why, and shows you how to build a great video library, even on a small budget.

  • Online Video Power! – 1 – GO»
  • Online Video Power! – 2GO»
  • Online Video Power! – 3GO»


  • Brand Consistency – This is critical for maintaining a credible company image and customer trust. Find out why, and how to ensure brand consistency. GO»
  • Colors & Logos – This is a handy guide to choosing corporate colors and logo design as part of a successful brand. GO»


  • Survey of Marketers – Unica’s annual “State of Marketing” survey results. GO»
  • IBM’s Survey of 1,700+ Chief Marketing Officers – This extensive survey published in late 2011 if full of useful information and insight. GO»
  • Localize your Marketing – This is the CMO Council’s 2011 survey of marketers about the benefits of tailoring marketing campaigns to local markets. GO»
  • Where’s the Love? – Marketers are facing the most challenging times of their careers. The recession has forced marketers to embrace marketing metrics like never before to justify their expenditures and often their jobs. Here’s how we’re coping. GO»
    What’s in Your Dashboard? – As a follow-on to “Where’s the Love?” we look at how to determine the KPIs (Key Performance Metrics) you should be using to measure your marketing effectiveness, and how to organize them for quick analysis. GO »
  • The New Marketing – My, how technologies and times have changed in the marketing world. The way we market today is quite different from how we did it just two decades ago, and change seems to only accelerate. Here’s how we’ve evolved and what you need to know today. GO»
  • Sales is Marketing Too – Every contact with a potential buyer is a marketing contact, whether it is via an ad, brochure, website, or conversation with a salesperson. How can we marketers make sure our salespeople don’t use outdated sales tactics and spoil all the hard work we’ve done to bring them qualified leads? Here’s the answer. GO»
  • Customer Nurturing – How we treat customers after the sale is just as important to our marketing efforts as how we treat them before the sale. Anything less than great service these days can kill a brand. Here are some tips for keeping your customers happy. GO»

Online Marketing

  • Email Marketing in 2012 – Why email matters more than ever today, and the seismic shift to email consumption on mobile devices. GO»
  • Go Landing Pages!  – You send emails to customers and hope that they’ll click on a link and go to a special web page (landing page) and take some action, such as buying or downloading something. Here’s how to create effective landing pages. GO»
  • Mobile Email Design – More and more, people are reading their emails on their mobile phones, sometimes exclusively. Here’s how to optimize your email designs for the best user experience on cramped mobile phone screens. GO»
  • Make Email, Not Spam – Spam filters are over-efficient these days, often blocking our legitimate emails to our customers and prospects. How can we design and write our emails to ensure the highest chance of reaching our recipients? GO»
  • Mobile Website Design – Folks aren’t just reading emails on their mobile phones. They’re visiting web pages on their phones too. And pages designed for the desktop just don’t work on tiny smartphone screens. This post shows you how to design great web pages for the small screen. GO»

QR Codes and Other 2D Code Technology

  • QR Code Best Practices – How to make the best use of QR Codes in your marketing campaigns, and common mistakes to avoid. GO»
  • QR Codes as Art – Who says QR Codes can’t be artistic? We show you examples of how you can dress up your QR Codes to add pizzazz to your marketing communications. GO»
  • QR or Tag? – We’re all very familiar with the ubiquitous QR Code. We’re probably much less so with the Microsoft Tag, a multicolor alternative to QR. Here’s what you need to know about Tag vs. QR. GO»
  • Bar Code Postal Discount – For the second straight year, the USPS is offering a postage discount to encourage the use of QR Codes and other 2D scanning technology to make direct mail more effective. This post compares the QR Code, the Microsoft Tag, and a new technology from Documobi called Intelligent Print Recognition that lets any image be scanned to take you to a web page. GO»

Social Media

  • Time to get on foursquare? – What is this social media app and how can it help your business? While this post is from late 2011, it is just as timely today. GO»
  • Why Twitter? Part 1 – Why you really need Twitter in your marketing mix, and how to get started. GO»
  • Why Twitter? Part 2 – Tips and tools that help you get the most from Twitter in your marketing program. GO»

Here’s to the Marketing Champion in all of us. See you in the next posts!




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